Starters Price  
     Vegetable, prawn and egg tempura 15,00 €  
Kumato and ewe's cheese salad 15,00 €  
Layered vegetables and sardines 15,00 €  
      Aubergine caneloni stuffed with seabass mousse 17,00 €  
Grilled vegetables with seasonal wild mushrooms 17,00 €  
      Crispy langoustine and txangurro salad 17,00 €  
Roasted octopus with black spinach 19,00 €  
      Foie-gras and wild mushroom tartare 22,00 €  
Spanish Jabugo ham 28,00 €  
Skipjack tuna with triffle and roast pepper purée 22,00 €  
 Hake with squids and chives oil 24,00 €  
      Monkfish with toasted beer demi glace 24,00 €  
Hake loin with lukewarm clam vinaigrette and sea
24,00 €  
      Stewed bull's tail meatballs and fresh spinach pesto 18,00 €  
 Iberian millefeuille with goat cheese flavoured with
      Pedro Ximénez wine
22,00 €  
      Lukewarm steak tartare 24,00 €  
Duck sirloin with mushroom and bacon duxelle 24,00 €  
Young ox sirloin steak, red berry mustard and rustic
       style roasted sweet potato purée
24,00 €  
 Veal tournedo with purple potato confit 26,00 €  
      Caramelized brioche torrija (Spanish style Frenc toast),
      pears with cardamom and saffron with nutmeg
7,00 €  
      Chocolate and red berry ingot 7,00 €  
Chocolate sandwich with orange vinaigrette 7,00 €  
      Lime mousse, wrinkled tuiles and (fresh) fruit sauce 7,00 €  
Banana and oreo croquettes 7,00 €  
      Creamy sheep's curd with maple honey 7,00 €  


DESSERTS: our desserts are prepared at the time and it takes 15-20 minutes to be prepared, we recommend that your order it with the rest of the dishes.



Bread service  2,80 €
VAT not included

Suitable for: 

The icon indicates the dishes suitable for celiacs.
Please consult with us about other dishes on the menu, as they could be adapted for celiacs.