Tomato soup and lemongrass yoghurt

Raspberry and marinated white fish bruschetta

Mi-cuit foie, figs and thin crunchy cereal wafer with green anise seeds

Shiitake egg

Tuna, aeropress coffee, truffle vinaigrette and vegetables

Suckling pig cooked in its own juice                  
Passion fruit cake with rice pudding ice-cream
Tasting Menu 49,00 €/person


 Starters   Price  
Shiitake egg   15,00 €  
Grilled vegetables with seasonal wild mushrooms   17,00 €  
Mi-cuit foie, figs and thin crunchy cereal wafer whit green anise seeds   17,00 €  
Brunch of prawns, rice noodles and corn   18,00 €  
Golden brown octopus with parmentier and rice socarrat (toasted crunchy rice)   19,00 €  
Spanish Jabugo ham   26,00 €  
Lobster and foie-gras wrapped in collard leaves with its pincer slightly smoked   28,00 €  
Tuna, aeropress coffe, truffle vinaigrette and vegetables   22,00 €  
  Hake with squids and chives oil   24,00 €  
Cube of cod with citric hummus and pil-pil geleé   24,00 €  
Begi-aundi baby squid with glazed vegetables in the own ink   24,00 €  
Roasted monkfish with mojo sauce of red pepper and stewed wheat   26,00 €  
Hake loin in green sauce clams   26,00 €  
Veal stew in its ink   18,00 €  
Boneless shoulder of lamb roasted in its own juice raisin mojo sauce   26,00 €  
Suckling pig in its own juice glazed with maple syrup   26,00 €  
Veals cubes with cereals, milk mojo sauce and seasonal wild mushrooms ragout   26,00 €  
Mont Royal squab pigeon, vanilla flavoured Tudela lettuce hearts, spring garlic and corn mojo mole sauce   28,00 €  
Caramelized brioche torrija (Spanish style Frenc toast), pears with cardamon and saffron with nutmeg ice-cream   6,50 €  
Fresh fruit flambé with Grand Marnier and zabaglione au gratin   6,50 €  
Chocolate sandwich with orange vinaigrette   6,50 €  
Lime mousse, wrinkled tuiles and (fresh) fruit sauce   6,50 €  
Passion fruit cake with cheese ice-cream   6,50 €  
Banana tarte tatin   6,50 €  

Bread service  1,80 €

VAT not included

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Please consult with us about other dishes on the menu, as they could be adapted for celiacs.